Not the last of the Mohicans - but your latest Partisan!


Hi, I'm Ella - Wordsmith, Team Player & Spare Time Cartoonist

I am passionate about language - especially English. An experienced translator and writer for print and online media I am keen to join the Media Partisans. Why? Because creative artisans and Media Partisans simply belong together!

A natural lateral thinker I use language as a creative tool. Said to be bubbly and friendly, yet focussed and thorough, I work as well independently as in a team. I love research, writing my own copy and finding just the right expression for that perfect translation. English to German and vice versa: From first to final draft I happily chisel away at the mountain of information, carving out the relevant message to make it communicate with our target audience.

I spy with my little eye that wee typo gremlin that managed to dodge the correction loop.

Sometimes, I tend to compose sentences, the construction of which may be a little complicated, especially when there are so many great words with which to describe complex interdependencies, thus I may catch myself creating pieces of writing of considerable, and - on second view - possibly unnecessary length, which I am trying to cut down to a manageable level.

Or let me rephrase that: My sentences are sometimes too long. I am working on it.

If you want someone 100 % creative, a team-minded, spirited individual that will occasionally talk "till the cows come home" then I'm your woman and team-mate. If you don't mind my dress sense, traces of a Northern Irish accent and let me give the office dog a tummy rub every now and then - we should be getting along famously!

  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Film
  • Photo

From an HR point of view I suppose my CV can seem a little unsettling. Alas, do not be fooled by a variety of experiences - they all add to a set of useful skills. Even the few more miles on the clock will make a valuable contribution. Besides that, I am as loyal as a pooch and busy as a bee.


2007 - 2016 freelance Vis Com Designer & Copywriter

2001 - 2007 employee

1996 - 2000 foreign experience Northern Ireland

Training & Education

  • BA Hons Visual Communication
    University of Ulster, Belfast

  • Diploma "State Certified Trilingual Foreign Language Secretary"

  • Abitur

  • ..................................................................


    Werbekongress der Berliner Hochschule der Künste - 2nd place
    (Saatchi & Saatchi)

    this, that & the other

    assistant set design 3D-models & previs
    // Theater Trier, Opera „The Voyage“ Philip Glass
    Opening Night 30.04.2011
    // „Lauras Stern – die Show“ Opening 02.2012

    Environmental Volunteer Work

    mapping and monitoring Berlin bats and Brandenburg botanical bits

    Projects & References

    CITES Project
    Senatsverwaltung von Berlin
    International Protection of Species - Research & Text

    Museum of Natural History Görlitz
    EU-Regional Development Fund Project „Umwelt im Wandel“

    bilingual Teacher/Pupil Activity-Pack; concept for environmental education & bilingual Info-Boards for the National Park Giant Mts., Jizera and Zittau Mts.

    TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH "Familienpass Brandenburg" 2010; 2011; 2012
    copywriting, editing, proofreading

    Translation German - English „African Flapshell Turtles - Cyclanorbis and Cycloderma“ D. Gramentz, Francfort Contributions to Natural History, Bd. 34 CHIMAIRA, FFM

    Naturschutzwacht Berlin - Eco-Ranger Björn Lindner
    Nature Trail Marienfelde Corporate-Design/Visual Communication
    Childrens' Book Environmental Education editing, proofreading, typesetting

    CDC Premnitz print & web - Corporate Design Competition for the city of Premnitz

    Ella's Copywriting / Editing / Proofreading / Translation & Team Skills

    • optimization of caption & copy

    • translation English - German

    • some Spanish, French, Latin

    • high online affinity

    • top-notch orthography and grammar

    • creative writing style

    • motivated & resilient

    • communication skills - listening included!

    • can work independently

    • resolves problems from different or unusual angles

    • likes a challenge and responsible tasks

    • lightning-fast typist

    • team-beneficial soft skills

    • interface between disciplines and people

    • strong work ethic

    • enjoys a good-humoured team

    • flourishes in an international environment with colleagues of all ages, creed & colour

    • hoping to join the Media Partisans with immediate effect

    "Naturally, there are a lot of visual designs and concepts I have produced over time. It is, however, my language and communication skills that I can access most readily and comprehensively, regardless of my daily form."

    Most of my projects have - apart from their visual components - included extensive research, edits and rewrites of copy to tailor content to target audiences. Translations have ranged from standard via corporate to scientific publications for print and web. English has by now become such an integral part of everything I do that, and my personality, really, that I would find it difficult to work in any field that does not require its use. Still, I do retain a special love for German and language in general. I enjoy reading, writing, creating and learning new vocabulary every single day.

    "Language is the most elastic and fun plaything there is!"


    Feeling connected already?
    Either way, give me a buzz! +49 177 85 22 802

    or mail me: ELLASOUS@SOUSLEAU.DE
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